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One Wave

One Wave is Tulane's bystander intervention initiative that aims to create a safe Tulane Community where violence is not tolerated and the expectation is that everyone does their part to promote a community of care and concern. This initiative aims to mobilize and equip community members to increase their active bystander behavior to prevent violence. We each have the power to choose to make our Tulane campus one that embodies the best of community engagement; One Wave empowers each Tulanian as an agent of social change to actively and outwardly support the norms of non-violence in the Tulane community.

Everyone is expected to do their part and violence will not be tolerated.

If you have experienced sexual assault/sexual violence, Get Help Now.


We each have the power to choose to make our Tulane campus one that embodies the best of community engagement. If we are to be responsible members of our larger communities and make meaningful change in the world we must first model that on our campus. One Wave prompts community members to ask themselves: “Am I going to do something within my power to make the next act of violence less likely?” In addition to being equipped to respond when potential act of violence unfolds before us, we can proactively take action each day to show support of the norms of non-violence.

Red Dots and Green Dots

Red Dots: Moments of imminent risk or potential harm to one or more members of our community are represented by red dots. Examples of red dots include: the decision to have sex with someone without their consent, the moment when a friend does not believe a survivor’s story, an organization hazing a new member, or any other time in which someone is made to feel unsafe. 

Green Dots: Any action that we take to diffuse a high-risk situation, help someone in need, or stop any form of violence is a green dot. By illustrating our intolerance to violence and our willingness to be a part of shaping a violence-free campus, we are creating culture change. 

Proactive Green Dot: Small, daily choices we make to communicate two norms: (1) Violence is not ok and will not be tolerated. (2) Everyone needs to do their part to help.