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The Gallagher health insurance portal is now open at Please monitor your Tulane email account for instructions on how to complete the waiver process or visit our insurance page.

Campus Health COVID-19 Service Adjustments

While Campus Health services will still be available to Tulane University students, we have made some adjustments due to reduced resources and staffing.

The Health Center Downtown

As of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the Health Center Downtown is temporarily closed, and all staff from the Downtown Health Center has been consolidated to the Uptown Health Center. Students who normally seek services at the Downtown clinic can be seen Uptown instead. Students should contact the Student Health Center Nurse Advice Line at 504-862-8121 (during business hours) or 855-487-0290 (after hours) to inquire about services at the Uptown location.

The Health Center Uptown

The Health Center Uptown continues to operate under normal business hours; however, non-essential services such as Travel Clinic appointments and Free STI testing services have been suspended. As of April 1, 2020, the Saturday Clinic at the Health Center Uptown will be suspended.

To protect the health of our workers, all students entering the Uptown facility will be screened for COVID-19, per the Louisiana Office of Public Health guidelines. Students who are sick will enter through a different door to reduce the risk of infection to non-sick students. We are following CDC guidelines for infection control.

Currently, COVID-19 testing in the Greater New Orleans community is not widely available. In addition, we do know that there is likely wide-spread community transmission in New Orleans. It is imperative to not ask or send people to the Health Center to get a “COVID-19 Test”. If a student is ill, they should contact the clinic via phone and come to the clinic if necessary. Students with no symptoms will not be tested. We will be able to test students with clinical symptoms for COVID-19 through a commercial laboratory.

Students in New Orleans who believe they may have been exposed and have symptoms should self-isolate and immediately call the Student Health Center Nurse Advice Line at 504-862-8121 (during business hours) or 855-487-0290 (after hours) or call TUPD at 504-8654-5911 for an emergency medical care provider, as appropriate. Be aware that not everyone is being tested for COVID-19. The clinician will screen the patient and evaluate their symptoms to determine if they will be tested. We currently only have access to testing through a commercial lab, and results typically take 3-5 days to be returned.

The Well for Health Promotion

The Well for Health Promotion is currently not available for in-person meetings with students. Please email to reach a member of the Well staff.

Counseling Center

Counseling Center services for established patients will be conducted via phone if possible. Crisis and walk-in mental health services will continue to be available at the Uptown Counseling Center location.


Pharmacy is open and able to refill medications or assist with transferring to your prescription to a local pharmacy.

Refill Information for Students Leaving Campus for the Semester

If you will need a prescription refill from a Tulane University Campus Health provider, please contact your prescribing provider without delay. To initiate the refill request to your provider, you may reply to a secure message from your provider via the patient portal or call the appropriate clinic.

Health Center, Uptown: 504-865-5255 option 1

Counseling Center Psychiatry: 504-314-2277

If you choose to call your Campus Health provider about medication, please provide the following information to the patient representative who answers your call:

  • Name of the prescribing provider
  • Name of the medication
  • Your splash ID

Once the request is received, the provider will contact you to clarify and confirm your request.

Be mindful that requests to fill prescriptions days or weeks early may be denied by your insurance because the refill is occurring too soon. If you are going home and have a short-term supply of medication on hand, ask your provider to send your prescription to your home pharmacy. Please provide your home pharmacy’s name, phone number, and address to your provider.

If you plan to remain local and would like to utilize the Campus Health Pharmacy during this time, ask your provider to send your prescription to the Campus Health Pharmacy. Currently there are no plans for long-term closures of the Campus Health Pharmacy.

As a reminder, prescriptions for stimulant medications that are controlled substances (ex: Adderall, Concerta, Focalin, Ritalin, Vyvanse) cannot be transferred from pharmacy to pharmacy and must be sent directly from your provider to the pharmacy location where you would like to pick up your prescription. Please note that certain controlled substances may not be filled electronically once you leave the state of Louisiana, so please request these transfers before leaving town.

If you have a non-stimulant prescription refill on file at the Campus Health Pharmacy, your prescription may be transferred remotely. To initiate the transfer, ask your home pharmacy to call the Tulane Campus Health Pharmacy at 504-862-8658