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T-SHIP Enrollment & Waiver Process

Enrollment/Waiver Dates
2018-19 Annual Academic Year

New and returning students
Enrollment Open: June 1*, 2018
Compliance Deadline: Aug. 15, 2018

2019 Spring Semester 

Students attending for the first time this academic year
Enrollment Open: November 30, 2018
Compliance Deadline: Jan. 15, 2019

Take Action: Once you have enrolled in classes, please check your Tulane email for instructions to enroll in or waive T-SHIP. United Healthcare Student Resources will send T-SHIP Enrollment announcements. Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk will send T-SHIP Waiver announcements. Reminders are sent until you complete the process.

Take Action Now

Failure to complete the waiver process by the deadline will result in automatic enrollment in the T-SHIP, and the non-refundable premium will be charged to the student's Accounts Receivable. 

T-SHIP Enrollment: The Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (T-SHIP) is provided in collaboration with United Healthcare Student Resources. Enrollment dates are posted on this page.  

    • If you intend to enroll, please do so by the posted deadline. If you do not enroll yourself in coverage, and you are automatically enrolled in T-SHIP, please note your enrollment process will be delayed. You may need to pay out of pocket for medical services until your enrollment has been processed.

    Verification for T-SHIP Waivers: Tulane has partnered with Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk to verify student coverage online. To demonstrate equivalent or better coverage to waive T-SHIP, please first review the benefits comparison and health insurance requirements. Use these detailed step-by-step waiver instructions (PDF) for assistance. For further explanation, review the frequently asked questions.

    • After submission of the waiver form, you will receive an email notification (at your student Tulane email) indicating if your waiver has been approved, if additional information is needed, or if your waiver has been denied. No late waiver or exceptions to the insurance requirements will be granted.
    • If you run into any issues with waivers, please contact the student health insurance office immediately for assistance to avoid being defaulted into T-SHIP.

    Degree-Seeking and J-1 Status Students

    All students who are degree-seeking or sponsored by Tulane University for J-1 status must take an action online (using the links below) to enroll in T-SHIP or to waive the plan by providing documentation of enrollment in a comparable United States-domiciled plan. (Travel plans/policies do not qualify for a waiver.)

    Enroll in T-SHIP


    Waive T-SHIP

    Non-Degree-Seeking Students

    Part-time non-degree-seeking students (3 hours or more) and SoPA students are eligible to enroll in T-SHIP, but are not required to complete the online waiver process and WILL NOT be automatically enrolled in T-SHIP. These students must actively enroll via the link below. Health insurance premiums are collected by Tulane University Accounts Receivable Department and paid directly to the insurance company for health insurance coverage. To actively enroll in T-SHIP, click the button below and follow these instructions:

    • Choose Tulane University from the drop-down list.
    • Read the default billing information for student premiums through Tulane Accounts Receivable.
    • Click the link for the Enrollment Form.
    • Follow subsequent instructions.
    Actively Enroll in T-SHIP