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Kognito Gatekeeper & Ally Trainings

Kognito offers an interactive training to educate students, staff, and faculty about mental health and suicide prevention to help create a safer Tulane community. 

Some college students face stressors that can impact their life and academic success. While some stress is expected, we need to be able to recognize when that stress turns to distress. The ability to notice signs of distress in another student, and then having a conversation about that distress and staying safe, is a very important skill to have. At Tulane, it is our shared responsibility to look out for and support one another. 

We offer three of Kognito's program including: Faculty and Staff At-Risk training, Student and RA At-Risk training and LGBTQ on Campus for students (open to faculty and staff to view as well).


Directions: Students with an account:

  • Go to the website
  • After logging in, view the "Course Carousel", click on LGBTQ On Campus OR Kognito At Risk (mental health module) and then click the orange "Launch" button.

Directions: Students who do not have accounts:

  • Go to the website
  • Click on the link at the top of the sign-in box that says "Don't have an account? Click here."
  • Create an account with the Enter Enrollment Key: tulane14.
  • After you have created the account, it loads the "Course Carousel".
  • Click on the course/training you wish to participate in and then click the orange "Launch" button.

Faulty & Staff

  • Go to the website
  • Create an account with the Enrollment key: tulane14 or login with existing account information.
  • View the "Course Carousel", click on LGBTQ On Campus for students simulation tile OR Faculty and Staff At-Risk (mental health module) and then click the orange "Launch" button.
    • To preview the LGBTQ On Campus program as a faculty or staff member, when promoted, re-enter enrollment key tulane 14.
    • Choose student/RA to view.