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Requests for Workshops & Materials

Requests are fulfilled exclusively for the Tulane community. Only verified Tulane email addresses will be answered.

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Please allow two business days for a response to your workshop request. Additionally, due to the amount of preparation needed, we need two weeks to fulfill your request. Therefore, please provide a workshop date that is at least two weeks in the future. 

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We ask that programs have a minimum of 10 people present. 

  • Do More Than Change The Channel – This small-group, interactive workshop is meant to facilitate a conversation about group norms related to alcohol and other health behavior. Based on real-time responses, participants engage in a conversation based on what members want from their experience and how members can support one another.  Specifics: <65 people; one hour; presented by professional staff.
  • “I’m Here for You” – Is an interactive program that trains students on how to appropriately respond to a friend who has been affected by sexual misconduct, including sexual assault and rape. The program offers students an opportunity to learn basic empathic listening and response skills. Students also learn about on- and off-campus resources that can assist a student affected by sexual misconduct. Finally, students learn about opportunities to become further involved in addressing sexual misconduct on Tulane’s campus and about the scope of Tulane’s efforts to address sexual misconduct. The program allows students to learn from and engage in discussion with peers who are trained and experienced in sexual misconduct response and advocacy. Specifics: 60-75 minutes; presented by members of Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline and Education (SAPHE).
  • Information Table – TUPHEs can do information tables at event to cover a variety of topics. Please provide details in the comment section below. Specifics: presented by TUPHEs.
  • Making Peace with Food and your Body… one cookie at a time – With constant exposure to social media, filtered photos, Photoshop, and various nutrition and dieting messages, how can we find the balance between enjoying food, being healthy, and accepting ourselves? This discussion-style class is offered to help people ditch the dieting mentality and become at peace with food, eating, and our bodies again. Specifics: a minimum of 10 people; one hour; presented by the registered dietitian.
  • Nutrition 101 – The endless food options available to you while eating on campus or in the city can be hard to navigate while still trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But do you really know what a healthy meal look like? In this presentation, the registered dietitian will teach participants about nutrition basics, tips for eating on and off campus, nutrient timing of meals throughout the day, and various nutrition facts and myths. Specifics: a minimum of 10 people; one hour; presented by the registered dietitian.
  • One Wave Overview – This overview presentation introduces your organization to the OneWave Bystander Intervention Program. In this condensed overview, you will learn how to recognize potential moments of harm, effective strategies to use to help you intervene when something gets your gut, and how to proactively play a role in sexual assault prevention. Specifics: any size group; one hour; presented by professional staff.
  • One Wave Workshop or Leadership Training – OneWave is a comprehensive program that aims to encourage a culture of safety, and a community of engaged and proactive bystanders that do not tolerate any form of violence. OneWave training sessions help students recognize potential moments of harm, acknowledge barriers that can prevent someone from acting, identify realistic ways to intervene, and proactively show support of the norms of an intolerance for sexual assault and the expectation that everyone do their part.  Specifics: 40 people; length can be tailored to your needs (2 or 4 hours); presented by professional staff.
  • QPR Suicide Prevention – Gatekeeper training is an effective strategy of Tulane University’s suicide prevention efforts. A QPR gatekeeper is someone trained to recognize someone at risk for, or experiencing, a suicide crisis and who further knows how and where to find help for a person in distress. Anyone can act as a QPR gatekeeper, meaning they do not need any counseling or medical experience. Overall, the main goal of QPR is to instill hope and to decrease isolation by connecting individuals to mental health resources. With QPR gatekeeper training, you can feel confident about helping that person and may even be the person who saves another student’s life. Learn how to ask a question and save a life.  Specifics: target audience students, faculty, or staff; 1 hour; facilitated by professional staff member of The Well.
  • Sexual Health Jeopardy – Think you’re a sexpert?  Test your knowledge with this interactive sexual health quiz modeled after everyone’s favorite game show.  The variety of safer sex supplies and where they’re available on campus are also discussed. Specifics: presented by TUPHEs.
  • The Buzz – Originally developed in 2010 at the University of Arizona’s Campus Health Services, “The Buzz” is an alcohol education presentation that uses interactive activities and myth busting facts to facilitate a conversation about alcohol use on college campuses.  This presentation involves trivia and a wide variety of games to provide useful information about alcohol in a playful and relaxed manner. Specifics: presented by TUPHEs.
  • Prioritize YOU! A Self-Care Workshop – Learn about self-care strategies and stress reduction. Discussion points include: specific reasons why we get stressed, tips for sleep promotion, stress management strategies, and information about supportive campus resources. Participants will practice self-care techniques including diaphragmic breathing, environmental stress management techniques, and will create their own self-care bag. Specifics: presented by TUPHEs.

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Posters & Materials ▾

The Well offers health promotion bulletin boards/posters along with safer sex supplies via our materials request form. 

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Requests require 48-72 business hours to process. You will receive an email letting you know when the materials are ready for pick up. If you have not been contacted, you can call 504-314-7400. 

Please note: Orders are not processed during holidays, weekends, or any time the University is closed.  Materials are provided for Tulane students and are not available for other uses.

See also: Request for Orientations.