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If you think you have come into close contact (within 6 feet for cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) with a confirmed COVID-19 positive person, please complete our COVID-19 Reporting Form.  

Requests for Workshops & Materials

Requests are fulfilled exclusively for the Tulane community. Only verified Tulane email addresses will be answered.

Workshop Requests & Sign Ups ▾

Please allow two business days for a response to your workshop request. Additionally, due to the amount of preparation needed, we need two weeks to fulfill your request. Therefore, please provide a workshop date that is at least two weeks in the future. 

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We ask that programs have a minimum of 10 people present. The following workshops have been developed for Tulane students. We do not currently offer these workshops for Tulane staff and faculty.

  • Information Table – TUPHEs can do information tables at event to cover a variety of topics. Please provide details in the comment section below. Specifics: presented by TUPHEs.

  • Calm Your Waves – Mindfulness is an established practice proven to decrease stress and anxiety, while enhancing a sense of well-being. In this one-hour workshop attendees will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness, be guided through exercises, and discuss realistic strategies to bring mindfulness into their daily lives. Specifics: <20 people; one hour; presented by pro-staff; quiet and closed off location required

  • The Consent Conversation – A critical element of consensual sex is communication. This workshop addresses the multi-facets of consent, including: what consent language can sound like and look like, how to negotiate personal desires and preferences, how to respond to rejection, and how alcohol and other substance use impact sexual decision-making. Specifics: presented by SAPHEs

  • Risky Business – This small-group, interactive workshop is meant to facilitate a conversation about group norms related to alcohol and other health behavior. Based on real-time responses, participants engage in a conversation based on what members want from their experience and how members can support one another.  Specifics: <65 people; one hour; presented by professional staff.

  • One Wave Workshop – One Wave workshops are 1-hour peer-led conversations that provide foundational knowledge and skills on how each of us can help keep our peers and communities safe from sexual violence. After this training you will be able to recognize potential moments of harm, acknowledge barriers that stop us from acting, and identify realistic ways to intervene. Specifics: any size group; one hour; presented by professional staff or by TUPHEs.
  • Sexual Health Jeopardy – Think you’re a sexpert?  Test your knowledge with this interactive sexual health quiz modeled after everyone’s favorite game show.  The variety of safer sex supplies and where they’re available on campus are also discussed. Specifics: presented by TUPHEs.
  • Understanding Sexual Violence 101-- Understanding Sexual Violence 101 is a 50 minute workshop focused on providing participants with basic information about sexual violence and it's impact on our campus. The workshop includes definitions, statistics, and facts that challenge common myths about sexual violence.  Specifics: presented by SAPHEs
  • Narco Knowledge – A 50 minute presentation about illegal drugs, misuse of Rx drugs, and mixing alcohol and drugs. Discussion points include alcohol and drugs; harmful combinations; non-medical use of prescriptions. Specifics: one hour; presented by professional staff or peer health educators.
  • The Buzz – Originally developed in 2010 at the University of Arizona’s Campus Health Services, “The Buzz” is an alcohol education presentation that uses interactive activities and myth busting facts to facilitate a conversation about alcohol use on college campuses.  This presentation involves trivia and a wide variety of games to provide useful information about alcohol in a playful and relaxed manner. Specifics: presented by TUPHEs.
  • Prioritize YOU! A Self-Care Workshop – Learn about self-care strategies and stress reduction. Discussion points include: specific reasons why we get stressed, tips for sleep promotion, stress management strategies, and information about supportive campus resources. Participants will practice self-care techniques including diaphragmic breathing, environmental stress management techniques, and will create their own self-care bag. Specifics: presented by TUPHEs.
  • I Can Help – This workshop focuses on how individuals can help someone in distress. I Can Help is designed for students, faculty, or staff. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to demonstrate basic reflecting skills, identify ways to ask about suicide and explain wy it is critical to reducing risk, describe key components of increased risk of suicide attempts and discuss referral options. This workshop is 2 hours long. Specifics: < 50 participants; two hours; presented by professional staff. 

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Posters & Materials Requests ▾

The Well offers health promotion bulletin boards/posters along with safer sex supplies via our materials request form. 

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Requests require 48-72 business hours to process. You will receive an email letting you know when the materials are ready for pick up. If you have not been contacted, you can call 504-314-7400. 

Please note: Orders are not processed during holidays, weekends, or any time the University is closed. Materials are provided for Tulane students and are not available for other uses.

See also: Request for Orientations.