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Campus Health is monitoring, advising, and responding to monkeypox in accordance with the latest CDC recommendations. The health of our students is our number one priority. If you have any questions about monkeypox, including questions about testing and vaccination, please visit our frequently asked questions page and/or email monkeypoxvaccine@tulane.edu.

Students who are diagnosed with monkeypox by an off-campus physician should use the link below to ensure they are connected with the appropriate resources.

Monkeypox Reporting Form

How to Submit Documentation of Your Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Test

Here are instructions for submitting documentation of your COVID-19 test before you arrive at Tulane for the Fall 2022 semester.

We ask that you test as close to your travel time as possible (no greater than 72 hours before). We recommend that you receive a PCR test, but if you are unable to access a PCR test, you may upload a photo of a home antigen test result.

  1. Log into the Patient Portal.
  2. Click on the COVID-19 tab.
  3. Under Enter External COVID-19 Result, enter the date of your return to campus COVID-19 test result.
  4. Enter the result value (Negative or Positive) and click Submit.
  5. The lab result line will appear. Click on Select File to upload a copy of the test result documentation.
  6. Click Submit.

Screenshot of pre-arrival COVID-19 lab results page on Patient Portal

Please Note: When attempting to upload your record, the file name of the record should be short and should not include special characters or spaces.