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Welcome new students! Please refer to the New Student Checklist for deadlines, requirements, and recommedations.

Event Safety

Special Events

Before heading out to that next event, remember to make a plan with your friends that include going out, staying, and coming home together. If you notice a high-risk situation or something that gets your gut, consider the "3 Ds" and intervene.

  • Stick with friends – stay together and leave together.
  • Make sure to charge your phone before going out.
  • Pack a backpack, bag or fanny pack with festival essentials: Water, snacks, hand sanitizer, your ID, and health insurance card, tissue.
  • Make a plan for transportation to/from the festivals – bring cash for a cab.
  • If you choose to drink:
    • Avoid trying to "Keep Up" or "Catch Up" with your friends.
    • Stick to your own limits.
    • Know the source of your drinks.
    • Pace yourself to one standard drink per hour
    • Alternate alcoholic with non-alcoholic drinks to help you stay hydrated.
    • Practice bystander intervention (One Wave)