Communicate With Your Providers

When a provider sends you a new message or replies to one you have sent, you will get an email notification at your Tulane email address. To access secure messages, select Messages on the Patient Portal Home Screen.

Screenshot of Patient Portal homepage, with the "Messages" button highlighted on the navigation menu; there's a notification for 11 new messages next to the button

Your messages will default to your Inbox. Your unread messages display a blue envelope icon.

Screenshot of Messages inbox page

Click on a message to open it.

Screenshot of new page with opened message

Select the blue Reply button to reply to the message. Type your reply and select Submit.

Screenshot of message reply, with text boxes labelled "To", "Subject", and "Message"; the "Submit" button is highlighted and located at the bottom of the page

To see the message you sent, select Sent on the Messages page.

Screenshot of sent messages page