April 19, 2024

For any student that has been impacted by this morning's incident at the Hutchinson Building on the Downtown campus, the Counseling Center is available for emotional processing in-person or virtually. You may call the Counseling Center at 504-314-2277 to schedule an appointment. 

Employees seeking help can call 1-800-624-5544.

Schedule Appointments

To schedule an appointment, select Appointments on the Patient Portal homepage.

Screenshot of Patient Portal with "Appointments" menu button highlighted

Choose the clinic you would like to visit from the list of locations and select Submit.

Screenshot of Locations menu highlighted, with Uptown and Downtown options

Choose the type of visit you would like to be seen for and enter a reason for visit in the comment box. Select Submit.

Screenshot of Apointment type menu highlighted, with "Medical-Uptown" or "Nutrition" as options and a text box to write further details

The clinic you chose on the Locations screen will default to the Clinic box here. Use the Reason drop-down to select the type of visit you would like to be seen for. In-Person visits are face-to-face visits with a provider. Telehealth visits are via Zoom.

Screenshot of "Search for next available appointments" menu highlighted, with options based on clinic location, medical reason, and provider

The Provider box will default to All if there are multiple providers in the chosen clinic who can see patients for the above reason type. You may search for All providers to get the first available, or you can choose a specific provider and see their availability only. Once you have chosen your Clinic, Reason, and Provider, select Submit.

Screenshot of calendar view of appointment availability

Select days on the calendar to see availability for each day by provider. Choose a time slot from the list under the provider you would like to see.

Screenshot of calendar view of saved apointment

Your appointment is now saved. View your current appointments to see the appointment on your Patient Portal homepage.

Screenshot of Patient Portal homepage's To-Do List, with "Upcoming Appointments" section highlighted

Your appointment will now appear on your Patient Portal homepage under your To Do List.

Screenshot of calendar view for next available appointments

If you select a day with no availability, the portal will show you the date of the next available appointment.

Screenshot of "Refine" button highlighted on the calendar view for next available appointments

If you need to change the Clinic, Reason, or Provider, select Refine to return to the Locations page and begin again.