Tulane and New Orleans ambulances

Emergency, After-Hours, and 24/7 Virtual Urgent Care


Emergency Phone Numbers

Uptown Campus: 504-865-5911   |   Downtown Campus: 504-988-5555   |   Off Campus: 911


Calling any of the above numbers can prompt an ambulance dispatch. State the condition of the person experiencing the emergency and provide the exact location. If you are in a residence hall, please notify a staff member immediately.

Tulane EMS

Tulane Emergency Medical Services (Tulane EMS) can provide ambulatory service and basic medical emergency care to the Uptown campus during hours of operation.

Resources & Protocols Based on Emergency Type


The Line logo

The Line - 24/7 Crisis Support

For after-hours crisis support, The Line is available 24/7 to Tulane students. Call or text The Line, 24/7 at 504-264-6074.

Same-Day Counseling Center Appointments

Same-day mental health consultations are available at the Counseling Center during business hours. Call 504-314-2277 to schedule.

Student Affairs Professionals On Call 24/7

The Division of Student Affairs provides a 24/7 professional staff on call for urgent situations. Call them at 504-920-9900 or file an online report.


Local After-Hours Care


If you need urgent medical care outside of business hours, we have curated a list of local urgent care facilities, emergency rooms and pharmacies.


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24/7 Virtual Urgent Care


Our partners at Tulane University Medical Group (TUMG) offers on-demand virtual medical visits to treat many common conditions.


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