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Frequently Asked Questions

T-SHIP is provided in collaboration with United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR). 

If I am enrolled in T-SHIP and later become eligible for enrollment in an alternate insurance plan, can I terminate my enrollment in T-SHIP?
You may only terminate your enrollment of T-SHIP if you become eligible for health insurance coverage for the first time as a dependent on your parents' insurance or new employment or a change in employment or marital status before April 30 of the policy year. The health insurance plan coverage must be equal to or greater than the Tulane University requirements. No refund of premium will be given after that time. You must complete and submit a qualifying event form and any supporting documentation to provide proof of first-time eligibility to the Student Health Insurance Office within 30 days of the qualifying event. 

How do I pay the Health Insurance Premium assessed to my Accounts Receivable?
Payment should be made directly to Tulane University through the Accounts Receivable Department of the Bursar's Office by the end of the month in which the charge is first posted to avoid finance charges. Health insurance premiums are collected by Tulane University Accounts Receivable Department and paid directly to UHCSR for health insurance coverage.

I am a graduate student. Am I required to waive or enroll in T-SHIP?
If you are a degree-seeking graduate student, you are required to waive or enroll in T-SHIP.

I am not a degree-seeking undergrad student. Am I required to waive or enroll in T-SHIP?
Your participation is voluntary. If you are a Part-time or Part-Time Professional student, or have previously enrolled dependents, you have the option to enroll in T-SHIP. In this case, you do not have to submit a waiver, as you are not automatically enrolled in T-SHIP. If you would like to enroll, please use a separate sign-up link as explained on the enrollment/waiver process page.

T-SHIP Elgibility ▾

How do I know if I am eligible to enroll in T-SHIP?
All degree-seeking registered students, part-time registered students with at least 3 credit hours, dissertation, teaching assistants, professional and executive program students are eligible for T-SHIP. No student will be enrolled in T-SHIP until they have confirmed their registration with the registrar's office. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office.

Am I eligible to enroll in T-SHIP once I have requested a waiver?
Yes, you may enroll in T-SHIP after having submitted a waiver form only if you experience a qualifying event (i.e. loss of coverage under your alternate insurance plan due to a change in employment, marital status, or attaining the age limit of your insurance plan). You must complete and submit a qualifying event form and supporting documentation to provide proof of termination to the Student Health Insurance Office within 30 days of the qualifying event. 

Am I eligible to enroll in T-SHIP when I am on a leave of absence from Tulane University?
Tulane University allows eligible students who wish to continue enrollment under T-SHIP while on an approved leave of absence for a maximum of one year. In order to be eligible for coverage, students must be currently enrolled in the plan and intend to return to the University and remain a degree-seeking candidate. Eligible students are required to submit payment and a copy of the approved leave of absence verification form, signed by a dean or an advisor, to the Student Health Insurance Office.

Students enrolled for annual coverage who take a leave of absence during the spring semester remain covered under the plan until the end of the policy year. 

If I receive a waiver denial, am I required to enroll in T-SHIP?
No. You may enroll in any health insurance plan that meets Tulane's requirements. Review waiver requirements and feel free to enroll in the best plan for your individual needs.

T-SHIP Coverage ▾

What happens to my T-SHIP coverage if I am not a registered student?
If you are not registered for classes by the posted enrollment deadline for each semester you are not eligible to purchase coverage with T-SHIP. The insurance premium will be removed from your semester tuition bill and the coverage will be canceled retroactively to the start date of that term (August 19 fall or January 1 spring). 

Can I continue my T-SHIP coverage after graduation?
Students graduating in December will remain covered until the end of that month (December 31) and students graduating in May will remain covered until the end of the policy year August 18 (of the same year). Graduates that have been continuously insured under university-sponsored plan but no longer meet the eligibility requirements under that policy are eligible to continue their coverage for a period of no longer than 90 days under the plan. Contact UHCSR at 800-767-0700 to request the continuation of coverage for an additional 90 days. Applications must be made and premiums must be paid directly to United Healthcare Student Resources and be received within 30 days after the expiration date of your student coverage. 

Does T-SHIP cover eye exams?
Yes, vision services are covered to the date the Insured Person reaches the age of 19. Vision services are only covered when due to a covered injury or disease process for Insured Persons over the age of 19. 

Does T-SHIP cover dental care?
Benefits are provided for Covered Dental Services for Insured Persons under the age of 19. It is a covered benefit for accidental injury to sound natural teeth for Insured Persons over the age of 19. You may enroll in the United Healthcare Dental PPO Plan and you don't have to participate in the Tulane University Student Injury and Sickness Plan. Visit to enroll. The annual dental plan is only available for enrollment during the fall semester Open Enrollment Period. 

Will T-SHIP cover me if I decide to study abroad?
Yes, T-SHIP provides worldwide coverage, whether studying or traveling abroad. The services are provided through UnitedHealthcare Global when you are outside your home country or 100 or more miles away from your permanent residence or campus in your home country. You will have a 24-hour worldwide assistance network for emergency services anywhere in the world. For detailed information, review the UnitedHealthcare Global flyer.

T-SHIP Waivers ▾

How do I submit a waiver?
All degree-seeking students who are currently enrolled in a plan that meets the university requirements, and who wish to waive enrollment of T-SHIP, must submit a waiver request. After submitting the form you should receive a reference number as confirmation via your Tulane email. You should receive an email response to your waiver request within 24 to 72 hours of submission. In order to waive coverage, you will need to know the name of your current insurance carrier, insurance carrier's claim address, toll-free customer service telephone number, policyholder's name, policyholder's ID number, and group name or number if applicable. If you need assistance, refer to these step-by-step waiver instructions (PDF). The online waiver form must be submitted by the waiver deadline.   

I submitted a waiver last academic year, do I need to submit another one this year?
Yes, you are required to submit a waiver request at the beginning of each academic year to show proof of adequate coverage no later than the posted deadline. Students who enter Tulane for the first time during the spring semester must submit a waiver request during their first academic semester no later than the posted deadline as well as in the fall semester for the next academic year by August 1. Deadlines are posted on the enrollment/waiver process page.

Who is Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk? I thought T-SHIP was provided by United Healthcare.
United Healthcare is the healthcare provider for T-SHIP. Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk provides independent verification services for Tulane University. Gallagher is not a health insurance provider and does not profit from T-SHIP enrollment.

In previous years, I was able to waive T-SHIP without issue. Why is this year different?
Waiver requirements have not changed. However, we are required to verify that students’ health coverage meets Tulane's requirements. We are using a system called Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk to verify students’ coverage. To waive coverage, please visit Gallagher’s website as explained on the enrollment/waiver process page.

What should I do to appeal a denied waiver decision?
Request a proof of coverage letter from your insurance provider confirming that your plan meets Tulane's requirements. If you are having difficulty getting a proof of coverage letter from your insurance company, please contact a Student Health Insurance specialist.

What happens if my request for a waiver of T-SHIP is denied?
If your request for a waiver of T-SHIP is denied, you will be automatically defaulted into T-SHIP unless you contact or call 844-484-0090 toll free for additional information and assistance. 

If I receive a waiver denial, am I required to enroll in T-SHIP?
No. You may enroll in any health insurance plan that meets Tulane's requirements. Review waiver requirements. Feel free to enroll in the best plan for your individual needs.

Treatment and Referrals ▾

Should I get a referral before going to a health provider outside the Health Center on campus?
Any student who is enrolled in T-SHIP must first use the Health Center for medical treatment or to obtain a referral for outside care. 

I'm a returning student and have been seeing a specialist since last year. What do I need to do to continue seeing my specialist?
Any student with T-SHIP must seek a referral at the Health Center each academic year per medical event before receiving care by a specialist.

I went to an Emergency Room and they told me to see another doctor for a follow-up. Is that OK? 
Students with T-SHIP who require follow-up care after an emergency room visit must make an appointment and visit a provider at The Health Center for a referral prior to receiving care in the community.

When is a the Health Center or CAPS referral not necessary?

  • Medical Emergency. However, the student must return to The Health Center for follow up care within 72 hours or before a visit with a specialist.
  • The Health Center is closed.
  • Medical care received when the student is 30 miles or more away from campus.
  • Maternity, obstetrical and gynecological care.
  • Mental Illness treatment or Substance Use Disorder treatment.
  • Mammography.
  • Part-time students, dissertation students, graduate assistants, part-time graduate professionals, visiting scholars, research assistants, or teaching assistants who have not paid the University's Campus Health Fee.