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T-SHIP Appeals Process

If a student has met all applicable deadlines and received a denial through the Gallagher appeals process, they may appeal the decision to Tulane’s Student Health Insurance Appeals Committee (T-SHIP Appeals Committee).

Appeals must be submitted using the online T-SHIP Waiver Appeals form on or before September 15 of the fall semester enrollment or March 1 for newly enrolled students in the spring semester. Appeal forms received after September 15 or March 1 will not be accepted. Using the appeal form, clearly outline the rationale for the appeal and include all supporting documentation relevant to the request. Submit all documentation via Let’s Talk. A Tulane representative will be in touch with the student regarding the Committee’s decision. All decisions by the Appeals Committee are final. Students may not submit additional appeals.

It is important to note the following:

  • If you received a denial from Gallagher due to missing documentation, send in the requested documentation to Gallagher before going through the appeals process. If after submitting documentation, the result is not an approved waiver, the next step is the appeals process.
  • Missed deadlines will not be a sufficient basis for an appeal. Gallagher communicates deadline information via email with students.
  • Missed email communications from Gallagher or Tulane will not be a sufficient basis for an appeal. Students are required to be familiar with the contents of official University notifications, and to respond to instructions and other official correspondence requiring a response.
  • All plans must be fully compliant with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and provide access to local primary care providers in the Tulane University area. The T-SHIP Appeals Committee will not approve waiver appeals based on coverage through a health cost sharing plan.
  • Students who have claims paid or pending since the first day of insurance coverage will not have their appeal accepted.
  • There will be no waiver exceptions for international students, apart from those students who are covered by a US-based group health insurance plan (for example, a US-based, employer-sponsored, ACA-Compliant group plan).

Students with questions about the appeals process should send in their opt-out inquiry to the Chair of the Student Health Insurance Appeals Committee, Shone Scretchings.