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Campus Health is monitoring, advising, and responding to monkeypox in accordance with the latest CDC recommendations. The health of our students is our number one priority. If you have any questions about monkeypox, including questions about testing and vaccination, please visit our frequently asked questions page and/or email monkeypoxvaccine@tulane.edu.

Students who are diagnosed with monkeypox by an off-campus physician should use the link below to ensure they are connected with the appropriate resources.

Monkeypox Reporting Form

Student Organizations

Student Organizations


Campus Health sponsors three student organizations with talented and dedicated members who work tirelessly to assist Campus Health in its mission of advancing student health and well-being.


Tulane University Peer Health Educators (TUPHEs)

TUPHEs are a diverse group of students who promote healthy choices, personal well-being, and community safety. They provide innovative and inclusive workshops, services, and events to meet the health needs of Tulane students.

  • Expanded support system
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Practical work experience and internship opportunities
  • Exposure to the culture of public health and health policy on a college campus
  • Increase knowledge and skill in health, public speaking, presenting and cultural competency

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Tulane Emergency Medical Services (Tulane EMS)

Tulane EMS is a student-run, basic emergency medical service based on the Uptown Campus and staffed by certified student volunteers. Tulane EMS offers basic emergency medical services and first-aid treatment for minor injuries and provides ambulance transport to nearby hospitals when necessary.

  • Become a certified EMT-B within one year
  • Treat minor injuries, stabilize patients, and prepare patients for transport
  • Provide First Aid, AED, and CPR training to Tulane groups and departments
  • Visit local schools to show children the inner workings of an emergency vehicle

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Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline and Education (SAPHE)

SAPHE ("SAFE") is a compassionate group of Tulane students who are dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual violence and addressing rape culture at Tulane. SAPHE provides resources and support to the Tulane community through a peer run 24/7 hotline (504-654-9543) while working to dismantle rape culture on campus through workshops, events, and outreach.

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Meaningful and practical work experience
  • Knowledge and skill in public speaking, presenting and violence prevention

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More Opportunities for Student Involvement

Looking for other ways to get involved in promoting student health? Here are two up-and-coming opportunities for students to collaborate with Campus Health.


Active Minds

Active Minds

Active Minds is the nation’s premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults. The Tulane community is launching a new Active Minds chapter for students. Interested in joining? Fill out the interest form linked below.


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Campus Health Advisory Council

Campus Health Advisory Council

Tulane University’s Campus Health Advisory Council (CHAC) strives to create a platform for all students to communicate their health and well-being needs and concerns with Campus Health administrators. Campus Health is currently looking for members to serve on the council. Sign up to join the discussion and make your voice heard.


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