NOTICE: ALL Campus Health services will be CLOSED from 12:00-1:00pm every business day starting May 20th and lasting through August 9th.

A note to spring 2024 graduating students with the Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (T-SHIP):

  • Even though you're graduating in May, your T-SHIP coverage lasts until Aug. 18.
  • If you need additional time on T-SHIP beyond Aug. 18, you can request an extension of up to 90 days. This request should be submitted through the Gallagher portal.
  • You have access to Campus Health services through May 31, but starting in June, you'll need to find another source for healthcare services.
  • If you're going to be living within 30 miles of New Orleans after graduation and while your T-SHIP coverage is active, notify, so we can remove the referral requirement from your coverage.

How to Opt Out of T-SHIP

Health Insurance Action Dates and Deadlines

2024-2025 Academic Year
New and returning students

Enrollment Open: June 20, 2024
Compliance Deadline: Aug. 15, 2024

2025 Spring Semester
Students attending for the first time this academic year

Enrollment Open: Early December
Compliance Deadline: January 15, 2025

Students who do not wish to enroll in the Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan must demonstrate that they are enrolled in a health insurance plan that meets or exceeds University standards for adequate insurance. Tulane University has contracted with Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk to provide insurance verification and health insurance enrollment services. Students will submit a waiver request through the Gallagher online portal. Once a waiver request is approved, the student can opt out of T-SHIP.

Waiver Process Instructions

Step One: Review the University standards for adequate insurance.

Tulane strongly suggests that a student and/or their parents review the University’s standards for adequate insurance. The insurance verification process takes time, so reviewing the standards and beginning the health insurance action process early will ensure that compliance is reached before the deadline.

View the University standards for adequate insurance

Step Two: Submit a request to opt out of T-SHIP.

Visit the Gallagher portal, and log in using your Tulane credentials. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your waiver request.

Opt out of T-SHIP via the Gallagher portal

Step Three: Verify that your waiver request was approved.

You should receive a message in your Tulane email within 24 hours (most are within minutes). This email will contain the status of your waiver request, either APPROVED, PENDING, or DENIED. Note the waiver information is saved from the previous year (if student is covered by the same health insurance as last year, request to populate health insurance from previous year for the current year and click submit).

If your waiver request was approved

If your request was approved, the University has verified that your insurance meets the standards, and you have successfully completed the process. Please note that you will have to repeat this process each academic year that you attend Tulane.

If your waiver request is pending

If your request is pending, you may need to upload additional supporting documents for your request to be approved. Log back in to the Gallagher portal to find out what information is needed.

If your waiver request is denied

If a student has met all applicable deadlines and received a denial through the Gallagher appeals process, they may appeal the decision to Tulane’s Student Health Insurance Appeals Committee (T-SHIP Appeals Committee).

Learn how to appeal

Need assistance?

If you need help navigating the waiver request process, the following resources are available to you: