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All Campus Health operations will be closed on Wednesday, June 29th due to staff trainings.

While we are closed, if you need medical or mental health services, please refer to the following resources:

  • For medical questions, the Nurse Advice Line can be reached at 504-862-8121.
  • For mental health crisis support, students may text or call The LINE, 24/7 at 504-264-6074.

We will reopen on Thursday, June 30th for regular business hours.

Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (T-SHIP)

The Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (T-SHIP) offers access to New Orleans-area healthcare providers, on-campus healthcare services, and convenient prescription fulfillment on the uptown campus.

T-Ship Premium

Academic Period Term Premium

Full Academic Year 2022-2023
For new and returning students


Aug. 19, 2022 to Aug. 18, 2023

$3063 (billed in two installments of $1531.50)

Distance learning students: $3275 (billed in two installments of $1637.50)

Spring/Summer 2023
For new students arriving in Spring semester

Jan. 1, 2023 to Aug. 18, 2023


Distance learning students: $2064

Plan overview

While some out-of-state and international health plans may lack coverage in the New Orleans area, T-SHIP includes a wealth of in-network providers, including the city’s major hospitals and a wide array of specialists. T-SHIP also covers students when they travel, so they’re covered at home and abroad.

Students with T-SHIP enjoy low or no copays, deductibles or coinsurance at the Tulane Health Center as well as low deductibles and impressive coinsurance rates with other providers.

T-SHIP is a University-sponsored health insurance plan available to Tulane students through United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR). It can be used as a primary health insurance plan, or it may supplement a student’s existing family insurance plan. Premiums collected are paid directly to the insurance company and are non-refundable after the health insurance action deadline. The University does not receive any benefits for enrolling students in T-SHIP.

View benefits comparison chart.

Request T-SHIP Coverage.

Submit questions about student health insurance.

Plan details

T-SHIP 2021-2022 plan information

You may access and print your health insurance ID card once you have created a user name and password to access your UHCSR "MyAccount". Visit the account creation page and follow the on-screen prompts. You may also call United Healthcare Student Resources at (800) 767-0700 to request a health insurance ID card to be mailed to your current address. Please present your card at all healthcare visits.

Medical referrals and emergency care follow up

Students who are enrolled in T-SHIP and are assessed the Tulane Campus Health Fee must visit a medical provider at the Tulane Health Center to obtain a referral prior to receiving care in the community. Specialist referrals must be obtained each policy year per medical event.
Students with T-SHIP who need follow-up care after an emergency room visit must visit the Health Center to obtain a referral before receiving follow-up care in the community.

When is a Health Center or Counseling Center referral not necessary? Learn more about treatment and referrals on our frequently asked questions page and our referral coordination page.

Billing and reimbursement

When you receive a correspondence from a provider or facility you visited outside the Health Center, follow these steps:

  1. Do not ignore the correspondence.
  2. Determine whether it is a bill, a statement of charges sent to your insurance company (explanation of benefits) or a processed claim.
  3. If it is a bill, verify that the billing provider has your insurance information. Usually there is a space on the back of the invoice to provide this information, or there is a number you can call for clarification.
  4. If you have T-SHIP and you have questions about a claim or a denial, call the Customer Service number, 800-767-0700. Be sure to note the name of the representative who assists you.
  5. If your claim was denied, determine whether you had the required referral before seeking care. Please note that referrals cannot be backdated and must be renewed each policy year.
  6. For billing and reimbursement problems that persist after you have followed the above steps, please contact the Billing Office.

Who is eligible to enroll in T-SHIP?

The following populations of students are eligible to enroll in T-SHIP:

  • degree-seeking registered students
  • part-time registered students with at least 3 credit hours
  • dissertation students
  • teaching assistant students
  • professional and executive program students
  • distance learning students

Please note that no student will be enrolled in T-SHIP until they have confirmed their registration with the registrar's office. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the Insurance Enrollment and Verification Office via the Let's Talk portal.

Do I have to enroll in T-SHIP?

If you are already covered by an insurance policy that meets or exceeds University standards, you are allowed to opt out of T-SHIP once the University has verified that you have adequate coverage.

Learn how to opt out of T-SHIP.

View benefits comparison chart.