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Compliance Guidelines for Returning Students

Generally, returning students do not have to resubmit the Tulane Immunization Compliance Form unless they received a new vaccine covered by the form and/or did not meet the requirements in previous academic years. While returning students are strongly encouraged to follow CDC guidelines and to continue to receive COVID-19 boosters as they are authorized by public health authorities, they will not need to provide COVID-19 vaccine records beyond the primary series plus at least one booster. Returning students are asked to clear up any missing requirements in their immunization records as soon as possible.

For returning students, maintaining immunization compliance requires one step:

Step 1 - Provide proof of receipt of the flu vaccine.

There are two ways to meet this requirement:

  1. Receive the vaccine via Campus Health's annual flu shot clinics. (If you receive the vaccine through the University, you do not need to upload records to the Patient Portal because they will be automatically entered for you.) OR
  2. Receive the vaccine via an external source. If you receive the vaccine outside of Tulane, you must submit documentation through the Patient Portal.

Learn more about how to meet the annual flu vaccine requirement.

Clearing registration holds

If you fail to meet any of the immunization requirements listed above, a registration hold will be placed on your student account, and you must complete the missing requirement before the hold can be cleared.

To find out whether you have a registration hold, log in to the Tulane University Class Schedule. An alert will appear if you have any registration holds, as shown in the video below.

If your registration hold is related to immunization compliance, it will say Hlth Immunizations Reg Hold or Hlth Immun Supp Reg Hold. If you have one of these two holds, determine which requirement(s) you are missing by reviewing your immunization records on the Patient Portal. To print your immunization records:

  1. Log in to the Patient Portal.
  2. Click the Immunizations tab.
  3. Click View your immunization history.
  4. Click the green box that says Print.

Once you've determined which requirement(s) you're missing, follow the appropriate instructions listed on this page to receive the vaccine(s) and submit documentation to Campus Health. If you have any questions or concerns, please email immunizations@tulane.edu.