April 19, 2024

For any student that has been impacted by this morning's incident at the Hutchinson Building on the Downtown campus, the Counseling Center is available for emotional processing in-person or virtually. You may call the Counseling Center at 504-314-2277 to schedule an appointment. 

Employees seeking help can call 1-800-624-5544.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

The mission of Campus Health is to lead the Tulane Community in advancing student health and well-being.

The Campus Health Team

To support students’ academic success through attending to physical and mental health, Tulane Campus Health offers a wide variety of services and initiatives through its three main units:

  • The Health Center for Student Care is committed to providing comprehensive quality health services and support in a compassionate manner. A holistic approach to the patient as a student in an academic community setting facilitates the best care to every individual through an integrated clinical practice.
  • The Counseling Center is committed to providing developmentally appropriate mental health services both in the office setting and as outreach, along with consultative support throughout Tulane University.
  • The Well for Health Promotion is committed to providing the infrastructure for constant engagement in the health promotion process. Health Promotion initiatives enable people to increase control over, and to improve, their health by engaging a wide range of social and environmental interventions that impact both the community and the individual.

Our Core Values

  • Student-centered – We are committed to a developmental model that recognizes, accepts and addresses the full spectrum of individual and collective life experiences and health needs of our students.
  • Inclusivity – We work to foster a sense of wellbeing and belonging among all individuals by acknowledging and appreciating diverse backgrounds and identities.
  • Responsibility – We are conscientious stewards of money, time, patient information, and human and physical resources.
  • Excellence – We use best practices, regularly engage in quality improvement activities, and are committed to continuing education for all staff.
  • Integrity – We consistently live out our stated values.
  • Creativity – We encourage innovation, have a participatory environment, and collaborate at all levels.

Our Shared Vision

  • Campus Health is the community representative of issues affecting health.
  • We are dedicated to working with individuals and organizations to create and sustain a healthy environment and to promote physical and mental wellbeing for all people.
  • We are accountable for quality services using cost-effective strategies that include joint efforts with other campus partners.
  • We are the primary resource for health information and health data for Tulane Students.
  • Utilizing a developmental approach to understand needs and capacities, we encourage individual choices and public policy decisions that promote good health.
  • We foster practices that ensure cultural sensitivity, accessibility and equity.
  • We prioritize staff training and support by providing opportunities for personal, professional and team development.