ALL Campus Health services will be CLOSED on Wed, July 17, 2024, for an all-staff meeting. We will resume normal business hours on Thurs, July 18, 2024.

NOTICE: ALL Campus Health services will be CLOSED from 12:00-1:00pm every business day starting May 20th and lasting through August 9th.

NOTICE: Beginning June 3rd, you will need your Tulane Splash Card to access the Uptown Health Center.

Do you need assistance scheduling an appointment or troubleshooting issues with your patient portal? Please call 504-865-5255 or email

Graduate and Professional Students

Campus Health staff is dedicated to encouraging and maintaining the health of all students, including graduate, post-graduate and professional students. Our three units, the Health Center for Student Care, CAPS, and The Well for Health Promotion, collaborate to provide a comprehensive approach to advancing student health and well-being. If you are a graduate student primarily located on the Downtown Campus, we invite you to visit our convenient Downtown Student Health Center in Elk Place. You may also seek services at the Uptown Campus Health Center.

Health Insurance Coverage

Tulane requires degree-seeking students and Tulane-sponsored students in J-1 status to maintain adequate, quality medical insurance. To fulfill this requirement, students must either demonstrate that they are enrolled in a health insurance plan that meets or exceeds University standards for adequate insurance or enroll in the Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (T-SHIP). Students must complete one of these two actions by the posted deadline.

International students are required to enroll in T-SHIP unless they have U.S. based insurance that meets the same requirements as that of U.S. insurance plans. See the University’s health insurance standards for further clarification.

If you change insurance companies, and the Health Center is your health care provider, call and update your information before your next appointment. Also, be sure to always carry a copy of your insurance card with you.

Graduate Students Enrolled in T-SHIP

While T-SHIP-enrolled students who are automatically assessed the Campus Health Fee are required to obtain a specialty medical referral from the Health Center before receiving care in the community, T-SHIP-enrolled students who are not automatically assessed the Campus Health Fee do not have this same requirement. Students falling into this second category include some research, dissertation and teaching students, who are generally free to see community providers without a referral. If you are unsure what category you fall in, contact our Insurance Team for guidance. Before seeking care in the community, please consider the following scenarios:

  • If you are initially assessed the Campus Health Fee in the fall semester, but it is later removed due to a change in registration, please contact our Insurance Team before seeking care in the community.
  • If you are assessed the Campus Health Fee in the fall semester, but are not assessed the fee in the spring semester due to a change in your student status, please contact our Insurance Team before seeking care in the community.

Medical and Mental Health Care Coordination

The Health Center Referral Coordinator and CAPS Care Coordinator, are available to assist students to find appropriate providers in the community. These services are open to all students, including those who are not assessed the Campus Health fee.

Immunization Compliance

All Tulane students must be in compliance with Louisiana state guidelines and are required to submit proof of immunization compliance. The Tulane Health Center offers all required vaccines and tuberculosis testing; however, we recommend that you receive them before arriving at Tulane.

Patient Portal

Manage your appointments, immunization compliance and physical exam forms, or sign up for text messaging via the Patient Portal. Before arriving at Tulane, students must use the Patient Portal to upload their immunization compliance forms.

Seeking Mental Health Care at CAPS

Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) is Tulane’s student mental health clinic. CAPS uses a short-term treatment model and offers care coordination to help students and families find long-term mental health resources in the community. Learn more about Care Coordination.

Seeking Medical Care at the Health Center

The Health Center is an appointment-based clinic offering primary and preventive health care services. You can make an appointment by phone or online via the Patient Portal.

Most visits to the Health Center require the collection of co-payments, co-insurances, or deductibles. For each visit to the Health Center, please bring the following:

  1. Tulane Splash Card
  2. health insurance card
  3. driver’s license or state ID
  4. form of payment, such as a credit card

Learn more about insurance plans and medical billing at the Health Center.

Seeking Specialist or Emergency Follow-Up Care

The Health Center is available to provide Tulane students with the information and resources they need to access specialist or emergency follow-up care in the New Orleans community. Students are advised to make an appointment with the Referral Coordinator to discuss their individual needs.

Students with T-SHIP

  • Students who are enrolled in T-SHIP and are automatically assessed the Tulane Campus Health Fee must visit a medical provider at the Tulane Health Center to obtain a referral before receiving specialist or emergency follow-up care in the community
  • Students who are enrolled in T-SHIP and are NOT automatically assessed the Tulane Campus Health Fee may seek care in the community without a medical referral from the Tulane Health Center.

Students with Other Health Insurance

Students with other health insurance plans besides T-SHIP are not required to obtain referrals from the Health Center but are encouraged to do so. The Health Center Referral Coordinator has a wealth of knowledge about the New Orleans health care landscape and can assist students with finding the best specialist to meet their needs.