Check In to Telehealth

To check in to your Telehealth appointment, log in to your Patient Portal and scroll down to your To Do List. Your visit will be listed under Upcoming Appointments.

Screenshot of Patient Portal homepage To-Do List, with upcoming telehealth appointment highlighted

Select Check In. If you have any forms that need to be completed prior to your visit, you will receive the pop-up below.

Screenshot of pop-up that may appear if you have any forms that need to be completed prior to your visit

Select OK. Fill out the Forms for your appointment. The forms in blue need to be completed. Click on each form to complete it.

Screenshot of "Forms for your appointment" menu, with a pink arrow pointing to "Telehealth Questionnaire"

Answer the questions and select Submit for each form.

Screenshot of blank Telehealth Questionnaire

When a form is complete, it will show in black with the completed date out to the right. Once all forms are complete, you will receive a pop-up prompting you to Check In. Select OK.

Screenshot of pop-up that appears after completing all forms for your appointment, with a pink arrow pointing at "Telehealth Questionnaire", the date completed underlined in pink, and a pink box highlighting the "OK" button in the new pop-up

Once you are returned to your Upcoming Appointments, select the Telehealth button on your appointment.

Screenshot of Patient Portal homepage's To-Do List, with the upcoming telehealth appointment's "Telehealth" button highlighted

You will receive a pop-up containing the Zoom link. Click the link to enter your provider’s waiting room. They will let you in when they are ready for you.

Screenshot of pop-up labelled "Telehealth Connection", with the Zoom link for your provider's waiting room