NOTICE: ALL Campus Health services will be CLOSED from 12:00-1:00pm every business day starting May 20th and lasting through August 9th.

NOTICE: Beginning June 3rd, you will need your Tulane Splash Card to access the Uptown Health Center.

Do you need assistance scheduling an appointment or troubleshooting issues with your patient portal? Please call 504-865-5255 or email

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient of Tulane University Campus Health (TUCH) or any other healthcare facility you carry certain responsibilities to help optimize the care you receive. You also have certain rights, including rights to privacy, respect, professionalism, competent medical and mental health care, and continuity of care.

Patient Rights

Each patient treated at the Tulane Campus Health has the right to:  

  • Be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity;
  • Have complete information concerning your diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and prognosis to the degree known. If it is medically inadvisable to give such information to you (the patient), the information will be provided to a person designated by you or to a legally authorized person;
  • Participate in decisions involving your medical or mental health care, except when such participation is contraindicated for medical reasons;
  • Make suggestions or complaints, provide feedback, or express grievances (an online feedback form is available); to receive a personal response to same, if so requested; and to have continued access to care without intimidation, threat, coercion, discrimination, and other retaliatory action;
  • Change medical or mental health care providers if other qualified providers are available;
  • Provide TUCH a written advance directive and have TUCH providers and staff comply with the directive;
  • Be provided privacy and confidentiality when seeking or receiving care, except for life-threatening situations or conditions;
  • Access information regarding the scope and availability of services is available online at; and
  • Have your privacy protected under HIPAA privacy rules as described in the Joint FERPA HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices Notice posted online.

Patient Responsibilities

Each patient treated at Campus Health has the responsibility to: 

  • Provide complete and accurate information to the best of your ability about your medical and mental health, your alcohol or drug use, any medications or substances taken (including over-the-counter products and dietary supplements), and any allergies or sensitivities;
  • Follow the agreed-upon treatment plan prescribed by the provider;
  • Participate in your care and ask questions;
  • Inform the provider(s) if your condition worsens or an unexpected reaction occurs from a medication;
  • Show respect to health personnel, other patients, and visitors;
  • Accept personal financial responsibility for any no-show or late fees, or charges not covered by insurance;
  • Use prescription medications or medical devices as prescribed for yourself only;
  • Be prepared for your appointment; bring your (1) Tulane Splash Card, (2) insurance card, (3) driver's license or state ID, and (4) form of payment/credit card;
  • Reschedule/cancel an appointment in a timely manner to allow another person to be given that time slot;
  • Use the TUCH Authorization for the Release of Confidential Health Information Form when requesting medical or mental health records from TUCH;
  • Inform your provider about any directive that could affect your care; and
  • Provide a responsible adult to provide transportation home and to remain with you if directed by the provider or as indicated on discharge instructions.