Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline and Education (SAPHE)

SAPHE is a compassionate group of Tulane students who are dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual violence and addressing rape culture at Tulane. The purpose of SAPHE is to provide resources and support to the Tulane community through a peer run 24/7 hotline, while working to dismantle rape culture on campus through workshops, events, and outreach. SAPHE members are trained in trauma informed care and empathetic listening so that they are well equipped to provide support and resources to any person who might need them.

To contact SAPHE's 24/7 Peer Run Hotline during the fall and spring semesters, please call 504-654-9543.

SAPHE's Letter to Tulane Survivors

In response to a recent reinvigoration of conversations about sexual violence amongst the Tulane community, SAPHE has written a letter to survivors and their allies.

Read the letter

2021-2022 Leadership Team

Jennifer Hunt- SAPHE Advisor
Maryam Tanveer - President
Kelly Jackson - Hotline Manager
Lindsey Dubose- Education and Outreach Coordinator 
Kaitlyn Taylor - Events Coordinator
Ashley Miller - Secretary

Become a SAPHE

Applications to become a SAPHE open in the fall semester.

Expectations of being a SAPHE

  • Attend weekly general body meetings
  • Complete all required trainings: 
    • Initial 40 hours of training for new members
    • Annual 20 hours of continuing education training for returning members
  • Maintain and manage hotline protocol and responsibilities, if self-selected to take a hotline shift
  • Facilitate workshops focused on violence prevention, support, and resources
  • Participate in SAPHE sponsored events
  • Provide peer support at various campus events when requested

Benefits of being a SAPHE

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Meaningful and practical work experience
  • Increase knowledge and/or skills in the following:
    • Public speaking
    • Presentation skills
    • Violence prevention

To learn more, please email Jennifer Hunt at