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The Gallagher health insurance portal is now open at Please monitor your Tulane email account for instructions on how to complete the waiver process or visit our insurance page.

School of Medicine Students

Campus Health staff is dedicated to encouraging and maintaining the health of all students. For School of Medicine students, we have a downtown location in Elk Place for easier access if you are primarily based on the Downtown Campus. However, you may use the services at any location of your choice. All active medical students pay the University's mandatory, annual, Campus Health Fee which grants unlimited access to Campus Health services.

Health Insurance Requirement

Degree-seeking Tulane University students are required to either have their health insurance verified using our online system or purchase the Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (T-SHIP). To use your own private plan, it must provide comparable coverage to T-SHIP and offer full access to providers in the New Orleans area including mental health services on a non-urgent as well as urgent basis. Check your existing plan to ensure providers are available in our area before starting the verification process.

  • Process & Deadlines: Health insurance verification for T-SHIP waiver or enrollment in T-SHIP
  • T-SHIP Policy & Term Dates: *An early enrollment option to assure coverage from August 1 is available for those who may need it; please contact our insurance specialist downtown for special requests.
  • Health Insurance Requirements: If you do not take action to verify your insurance for a T-SHIP waiver or enroll in or waive T-SHIP prior to the deadline, you will be automatically enrolled into T-SHIP and responsible for the full premium amount.

Immunization Compliance

School of Medicine students have a specific set of immunization requirements due to the nature of their studies and laboratory work.  Louisiana Law requires proof of up-to-date immunizations for all entering university students. As a Tulane University School of Medicine student, you will need to provide proof of vaccination for Measles, Mumps and Rubeola (MMR*), Varicella*, Hepatitis B*, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis. Tuberculosis screening is required within one year of start date. We accept either a skin test result (PPD/tuberculin) or a blood test result (QuantiFERON-TB gold). If you’ve had ANY positive result(s) in the past, we will need a copy of your result(s), AND either a Chest X-ray report or QuantiFERON-TB gold result within 30 days of start date. Some students will be asked to make an appointment with one of our providers for further recommendations and/or treatment.  (*Lab copies of positive antibody titers are accepted as proof of immunity—see form.) 

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Emergency

If you have been exposed to blood or bodily fluids, such as a needle stick or splash exposure, please follow these BBPE instructions immediately.

Visits to the Health Center

The Health Center is an appointment-based clinic offering primary care and preventive health care services. You can make an appointment online through the Patient Portal or by phone.

All visits to the Health Center require the collection of co-pays, co-insurances, or deductibles for services. For each visit to the Health Center, please bring your (1) Tulane Splash Card, (2) insurance card, (3) driver's license or state ID, and (4) form of payment/credit card. Learn more about medical billing.

Important Information