Faculty and Staff

For One’s Self

Though the majority of Campus Health Services' resources are reserved for Tulane students, the following related resources are available to faculty and staff:

For One's Own

As leaders in the Tulane community who may work with students on a daily basis, you are able to identify and recognize students who may be in need of health-related services. During your daily contact with students, you are in a position to guide students to the services they may need that we may provide.

Please familiarize yourself with our variety of resources to ensure that you know where to guide students if you see a potential health-related problem. The following resources are good places to start:

  • Request an orientation
  • Request a health promotion workshop or materials
  • Alcohol Misuse Prevention – Faculty Curriculum Infusion
    Guidelines for faculty to offer alcohol-related education.
  • Counseling Center Consultations
    For faculty and staff who are concerned about a specific student, or who wish to learn how to recognize distressed students.
  • Locations
    Campus Health services are located across three different locations on Tulane's Uptown and Downtown campuses.
  • Influenza
    The flu can take your students out of class/extracurricular activities for a week or more. Make sure you know the signs and know when our flu-shots will be administered to keep you and your students healthy.
  • Sexual Assault – Faculty & Staff Resource Guide
    This resource card is designed to provide faculty and staff a menu of options and campus offices that help survivors of sexual harassment, assault and violence. It provides information about reporting structures and levels of confidentiality.
  • The Line – 504-264-6074
    Here when students need it. When students want to talk to someone right away, they can call our crisis line, any time, 24/7, for confidential support.