April 19, 2024

For any student that has been impacted by this morning's incident at the Hutchinson Building on the Downtown campus, the Counseling Center is available for emotional processing in-person or virtually. You may call the Counseling Center at 504-314-2277 to schedule an appointment. 

Employees seeking help can call 1-800-624-5544.

Tulane for Every Body

Tulane for Every Body is an initiative at Tulane University aimed at bringing awareness and advocating for the inclusion, acceptance, and support of all people regardless of body size and shape. The focus of this group is to draw attention to our true, authentic selves in a manner that steers away from our bodies and towards the qualities that make us valuable people.

  • A space for conversation around health, body image, and size in a safe and welcoming space, while introducing the tools necessary to implement body respect and self-compassion practices in the everyday lives of students
  • Regular workshop sessions, events, and projects that dive deep into personal experiences surrounding these issues
  • Encouragement for others to embrace all aspects of themselves in a society that tells them they are never enough

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2023-2024 Leadership Team:

  • Chelsea Hill - Advisor
  • Sarah Zins - President
  • Caro Bloomquist - Vice-President
  • Olivia Mahoney - Secretary

To learn more, email tu4everybody@gmail.com