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New Student Online Wellness Courses

Instructions for New Students

All students who are new to Tulane (first-year and transfer students) are required to complete a series of online health promotion courses. For the Spring 2022 semester, details will be sent to students via their Tulane email in mid-December. Students will be expected to complete the following five courses:

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs is an interactive learning experience that equips students with the skills to support healthy decisions for themselves and their peers, reducing adverse outcomes associated with alcohol and other drug misuse.
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention is a comprehensive simulation that equips college students with the skills to navigate difficult situations related to sexual misconduct, leading to a safer and more connected campus.
  • Mental Health is an interactive learning experience for students that equips them with the skills to support their emotional health and that of their peers. The course introduces positive coping strategies and prepares students to recognize signs of distress, effectively communicate their concerns, and take action to find additional support.
  • The Sexual Health for Students and Sexual Literacy for Students curriculum offers Tulane students an opportunity to develop their own concept of healthy sexuality. The curriculum achieves this by providing medically-accurate, queer-inclusive, and sex positive comprehensive sexual health education through interactive modules. Topics covered in the modules include: consent and healthy relationships; adolescent development; sexual and reproductive anatomy and physiology; gender identity and expression; sexual identity and orientation; interpersonal and sexual violence; contraception, pregnancy, and reproduction; and HIV and other STDs/STIs.

Instructions for Accessing Alcohol and Other DrugsSexual Misconduct Prevention and Mental Health:
To log in to the courses, please complete the following steps:

  • Go to https://kognitocampus.com 
  • Create a new account.
  • Use the following enrollment key: tulane. 

The simulations should take no more than 45 minutes each to complete, although the time it will take may vary based on your level of engagement. A test group on campus had the best user experiences with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge; the simulation will not work on Internet Explorer. Please note that it is best to use a wired connection (rather than WiFi), use headphones if you are in a shared space, and disable pop-up blockers before initiating the simulation.


Instructions for Access to Sexual Health & Literacy for Students:
To log in to the courses, please complete the following steps: 

  • Log in to your Tulane email account and look for the email you received with the subject line “Welcome to Campus Health's Sexual Wellness Learning!” 
  • Set up your account password by clicking the link in the email. Your username is your Tulane email address.  
  • Once you finish setting up a new password, you will be taken to the courses page. Select “Continue” under Sexual Health for Students Module to begin the coursework.