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Spring Break Lunch Closures at Uptown Facilities

From Monday, April 3 through Friday, April 7, all uptown Campus Health services will close daily for lunch from noon to 1 p.m.

Normal hours (services available through lunch) will resume Monday, April 10.

Current Group Therapy Offerings

Interpersonal Process Groups

You've Got This! (Bibliotherapy Group)

In this weekly bibliotherapy group, we will work with the book You've Got This! by Margie Warrell. This group is designed to help you trust your yourself, stop letting fear hold you back, defy the doubts that limit you, and rise above the challenges ahead to make your aspirations a reality. We will read two chapters of the book every week, and we will discuss the content of the book and find things that are relatable to your life experiences and present struggles.

Survivors of Sexual Assault

This weekly group will provide a space for survivors of sexual trauma to process the individual and relational impacts of trauma. Group participants will have opportunities in group to learn more about sexual trauma and the impacts on view of self and relationships with others, process experiences and helpful skills for navigating trauma reactivity in everyday life, and explore how to build and sustain positive, nourishing, and empowering relationships to self and others after trauma. This group will incorporate an intersectional, culturally sensitive, and LGBTQ+ affirming framework. All genders welcome.

Skills-Based Groups

Create Your Way

Create Your Way is an art therapy group to support students in developing mindful self-awareness. To facilitate student's engagement with their internal processes and struggles, we will use various creative techniques such as painting, collaging, sculpting, and journaling. No art experience required. Materials will be provided.

BREATHE (for graduate students)

BREATHE is a holistic, experiential, body-mind approach designed to introduce mindful breathing, movement, and meditation practices as a way of reducing stress and anxiety. This group helps graduate students bring a curious, nonjudgmental attitude to present moment experience, which can lead to increased self-awareness, acceptance, and reduction in the stress response. No experience in mindfulness is required to participate. Graduate students only.

Support Groups

GradSpace (Downtown)

Join us for this weekly group where we will navigate stress, explore sense of purpose, and balance work-life needs in graduate school. Graduate students only.

Womanist Evolution

Womanist Evolution is a healing, sister circle that provides an authentic, confidential space for female-identified persons of color to share their lived experiences, receive support and encouragement, and learn strategies that promote empowerment, compassion, and healing in divine community. In this group you will learn to deepen connections with your body, manage stress, build growth fostering relationships, and transform feelings of isolation into positive self-discovery.

Women of Color (Downtown)

The Women of Color Downtown group is open to anyone who identifies as a woman of color. The goal of this group is to provide a supportive and restorative space in which women of color on the downtown campus can share their lived experiences. Sessions will be guided by Brandy Alexis, LMSW. Join us weekly on Wednesdays at noon to explore the challenges and celebrate the joys of being a woman of color!

Manliness Redefined (Men's Health/Healthy Masculinity Group)

Candidates appropriate for group are men struggling with any of the following: poor self-esteem, low self-worth, interpersonal challenges, identity development concerns, toxic masculinity or performative masculinity negatively impacting self-image and behavior. The primary purpose of this group is to enhance the group member’s ability to self-reflect, to expand emotional intelligence, to widen window of tolerance for distress, to internalize challenging and supportive feedback from peers, and to create a healthy and safe space for male comradery-built upon underlying values of healthy attachment, attunement, empathy, and trust.