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Group Therapy

Facilitated by CAPS clinicians, groups are an effective way to gain support within a student community with similar concerns. Group sessions are free and can be attended in addition to individual therapy at CAPS or with an off-campus provider. 

For more information about joining a group, please call CAPS at 504-314-2277 or visit our group therapy FAQ page.

What are the top 5 benefits of group therapy?

  1. Connection and Support: Groups can be a support network where members provide one another with a safe sounding board while working through personal difficulties.
  2. Universality: It can be a relief to hear other students discuss what they’re going through and realize none of us are alone in facing life challenges.
  3. Enhanced Perspective: By seeing how other people tackle similar situations, you can gain new perspectives. Hearing how other members are working to overcome their issues can be motivating and encouraging.
  4. Social Skills: Groups can help ease a sense of awkwardness or isolation by giving an opportunity to practice relating to others.
  5. Insights: Groups teach you about yourself and help uncover “blind spots,” presenting valuable insights about your own life and way of seeing the world.

What types of groups does CAPS offer?

CAPS offers groups that fall into three categories: Interpersonal Process Groups, Skills-Based Groups, and Support Groups. Please note that groups must have at least three student members to begin meeting.

Interpersonal Process Groups

These are general groups to support students with increasing self-awareness and making changes through connection with others and with the support of the group facilitator. They are open to students with a variety of concerns and are offered at a few different times throughout the week.

Skills-Based Groups

These are tailored groups designed to assist students with developing their “mental health toolbox.” Students can expect to learn skills and strategies that they can immediately begin to apply to their lives. Some groups might be cyclical and run more than once in a semester.

Support Groups

These are specific groups for students who are going through something in their lives and would benefit from connecting with others who share similar experiences. These groups operate on varying schedules and may be open to new members throughout the semester.

Current Group Offerings

To see a list of groups offered during the current semester, visit our group offerings page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See our group therapy FAQ page for more details about groups.

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