April 19, 2024

For any student that has been impacted by this morning's incident at the Hutchinson Building on the Downtown campus, the Counseling Center is available for emotional processing in-person or virtually. You may call the Counseling Center at 504-314-2277 to schedule an appointment. 

Employees seeking help can call 1-800-624-5544.

Group Therapy FAQs

Why should I consider group therapy?

Group therapy provides an opportunity to learn and receive support from peers in a therapeutic environment designed to help you meet your goals and make change. Where individual therapy offers focused attention from a single professional, group counseling adds the benefit of receiving feedback and support from people with multiple perspectives and experiences.

Will I have to share personal information about myself with the group?

While the therapist might encourage you to share, you will never be pushed to share beyond your comfort level.

Can I be part of a group and still receive individual therapy?

Yes. In many cases, group counseling is a helpful complement to individual therapy.

What is expected of group members?

While the group facilitator will establish group norms with each unique group, in general it is expected that group members maintain confidentiality and commit to showing up for group each week.

How many times does a group typically meet and how long is each session?

The number of sessions varies depending on the nature and purpose of the group, but a group will typically meet anywhere between 4 and 12 sessions. Most groups are 50 minutes long but some groups meet for 90 minutes.

How many people are usually in a group?

A group can begin with as few as two people and is unlikely to exceed 10 group members.

When will my group start?

Most groups will start when the group facilitator has identified enough group members for the group process to be effective. Some groups have set start and end dates.

What happens if I need to miss a group session?

Regular participation and attendance is an essential part of the change process and is encouraged. However, we know that sometimes life can get in the way. Group appointments should be treated as all other Campus Health appointments and need to be canceled at least two hours in advance.

How do I sign up for a group?

If you know which group you would like to join, you can call the Counseling Center main number at 504-314-2277 and let the patient representative know which group interests you. If you are already a client at the Counseling Center, you can speak with your individual therapist about group options and they will support you in taking the next steps. You may be asked to participate in a brief “group screening” for the purpose of determining fit and learning more about the group before it begins.

How do I learn more about groups?

If you are unsure if group is right for you or for general inquiries, please call 504-314-2277 and ask to speak with the Group Coordinator.