Individual Therapy

After your initial consultation, if individual therapy at the Counseling Center is determined to be the best service for you, you will be referred to a therapist to begin treatment. You and your therapist will work together to help you better understand yourself and your relationships, reach your goals, manage distress, and move toward improved mental well-being and balance.

The number of sessions you meet will depend upon your particular needs, and you may receive up to 12 counseling sessions per academic year. Missed appointments and late cancelations are counted toward the 12-session limit. This session limit, however, does not include emergency consultations, group therapy sessions, or psychiatric appointments. If ongoing care is indicated after reaching the session limit, students may work with the Counseling Center’s Care Coordinator to find appropriate services in the community. 

Sometimes students who have never been in therapy wonder what the process is like. Therapists at the Counseling Center will talk with you to get a better sense of who you are and what challenges you face, so they can help you develop ways of understanding and addressing the things that cause you distress. Even though it may seem awkward at first to talk about very personal issues, people often find that putting their concerns into words to someone who is supportive can be very beneficial. Our clinicians are well trained to assist with a wide variety of issues, and you and your therapist will work together in exploring the most productive ways of addressing what is on your mind.