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If you have already received both doses of your COVID-19 vaccine from an entity outside of Tulane, please submit documentation through the Campus Health patient portal to update your vaccination recordsIf you received your vaccine through Tulane we will upload those records automatically; you do not need to take action.

Allergy & Immunizations

Allergy Injections

The Health Center will administer allergy injections with orders and vials provided by your own allergist. We also administer injectable medications ordered by a specialist for a chronic illness.

Please note: You must obtain your first injection from your own allergist if you are just starting allergy shots.

  • Bring your orders to the Health Center or have them sent by your provider for processing.
  • Schedule an appointment with a Primary Care medical provider for initial assessment/consultation.
  • Schedule appointments with the allergy nurse for continued injections/follow-up care.

There are fees associated with the allergy and immunization services.


The Health Center offers all required immunizations and the TB skin test; however, we recommend you receive required vaccines and TB testing (PPD or QFT) before you arrive at Tulane.


  • Health Center Uptown
  • Health Center Downtown


Download the allergist/physicians information form. (PDF)

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