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Campus Health Fee

The University's mandatory Campus Health Fee supports the operations of Campus Health, which offers Tulane students comprehensive medical, mental health, and health promotion services through the Health Center for Student Care, Counseling Center, and The Well for Health Promotion. 

All students who have paid the University's Campus Health Fee have access to Campus Health services or programs.

  • The fee is automatically assessed to most degree-seeking (full-time undergraduate, graduate, and professional) students, regardless of actual use or non-use of any supported services.
  • Students (part-time, professional advancement, or other) who are not automatically assessed the fee must pay the semester fee to have access to services provided by Campus Health, including telehealth services. The fee will be charged at the time of service. Students who are not automatically assessed the fee may use our Referral Coordinator (for medical services) or Counseling Center Care Coordinator (for mental health services) to locate a community provider.

Please note that the Campus Health Fee is not insurance nor does it provide health insurance. 

Fee Structure

  • Fall Semester (July 1-December 31): $345.00
  • Spring Semester (January 1-June 30): $345.00
  • Graduating seniors who have paid the spring semester fee can continue to utilize Campus Health services until the termination date of the current year’s Student Health Insurance plan.  Dates of coverage can be found on the T-SHIP webpage.
  • Students who are not automatically assessed the fee may use the Health Center Referral Coordinator or the Counseling Center Care Coordinator to find a community provider.  

Services Covered

  • Nurse Advice Line, available 24/7
  • The Line for mental health support, available 24/7
  • Access to care from the Health Center Uptown or Downtown
  • Access to care from Counseling Center for Counseling Services
  • Tulane Emergency Medical Services
  • Care Coordination from Counseling Center
  • Referral Coordination from the Health Center 
  • Access to health and wellness web resources
  • Free safer sex supplies
  • Assistance with using and navigating health insurance
  • Health promotion workshops and programs


Any person presenting in acute distress and in need of immediate attention or service will be assessed and cared for based on best practice which could include calling New Orleans Emergency Medical Services (NO-EMS) or a referral to a community provider. Read more about emergency care.