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NOTICE: Beginning June 3rd, you will need your Tulane Splash Card to access the Uptown Health Center.

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Mental Well-Being

The mental well-being focus area of The Well for Health Promotion addresses a variety of preventative mental health topics including but not limited to: stress management, sleep hygiene, suicide and self-harm prevention, and emotional well-being. The initiatives created within this focus area encourage students to explore new avenues for stress reduction, de-normalize sleep deprivation as a path to success, and build a community rooted in respect, kindness, and support. The Well for Health Promotion does not consult, diagnose or treat, but instead serves as a bridge-to-care for CAPS and other mental health resources.

What is Mental Well-Being

Mental well-being is defined as the state in which someone has the capability to realize their own abilities, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and be able to contribute to their community. Mental well-being is not the absence of mental illness nor the eradication of unpleasant experiences. It’s important to note that mental well-being is a life-long journey, not a singular goal to reach. Simply put, mental well-being is the ability to be self-aware, resilient, connected, and fulfilled. With a support system, resources, and self-care, it is possible for anyone to maintain mental well-being.

Factors That Contribute to Mental Well-Being

  • Access to resources, a social support system, and mental health services to help manage times of adjustment and change 
  • Feeling safe and secure in your environment
  • Having positive coping mechanisms and stress management techniques that work for you, individually 
  • Having a cultural, spiritual, or religious belief system

Mental Well-Being Campaigns

Mindful Monday


Expand student understanding of mindfulness to include more practical activities.

Key Programs

Learn more about mindfulness

Stress Free Me


Promote self-care and stress management techniques to students

Key Programs

  • Wearing Many Hats Panel
  • Success Without The Stress Reels Series
  • Self-Care Map

Learn more about stress management

Here TUgether


Promote emotional well-being, social connectedness, and development of self-identity at Tulane University.

Key Programs 

  • #SeizeTheAwkward Open Mic Night 
  • S Series Tea Talks
  • Coming Soon: Body Positive TU 
Catching Zs


Provide sleep information, tips, and tools to improve student sleep quality.

Key Programs

  • Nap Map 
  • Invest In Rest Workshop 
  • Coming Soon: Ready to Rest Challenge

Learn more about sleep

Mental Well-Being Resources

Mental Health Emergencies - For mental health emergencies, please reach out to an on-campus, after-hours, or national resource. Contact information can be found on the Mental Health Emergencies page.

The Line - When students want to talk to someone right away, you can call or text the crisis line, any time, day or night, for confidential support. Call The Line, 24/7, at 504-264-6074.

Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) - If you are experiencing signs of distress or need help with maintaining your mental well-being, please call (504) 314-2277 to make an appointment with CAPS.

eHealth Tools - Check out our eHealth Tools for a list of helpful apps with sleep meditations, mindfulness exercises, and stress management tools.