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If you think you have come into close contact (within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) with a confirmed COVID-19 positive person, please complete our COVID-19 Reporting Form.  

Sexual Violence Prevention

The Well offers a variety of violence prevention and bystander intervention programs, events, and educational campaigns on campus. Our goal is to create a community-centered approach to prevent and end sexual violence with a supportive campus environment for survivors.

If you have experienced sexual assault/sexual violence, Get Help Now.

Creating a safe environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Members of the university community, guests, and visitors have the right to be free from sexual violence. No one should infringe upon the rights of others. The university prohibits sexual misconduct and is committed to fostering a community that promotes prompt reporting of all types of sexual misconduct and gender-based discrimination.

Sexual violence on campus is pervasive. Regardless of their gender, biological sex, or sexual orientation, college students are at high risk for sexual violence.


Sexual violence can be prevented. To truly end sexual violence, we must change the culture that sustains this behavior.

Bystander Intervention
We all have a role to play in preventing sexual assault by intervening. For more information on this issue, get involved with One Wave.

Victim Blaming
The burden of blame always lies on the person who chose to assault another person.

Media Literacy
It is important to be able to critically deconstruct messages promoted through various media channels that promote sexual violence both directly and indirectly.

Consent is freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic, and specific. To learn more about consent, attend a Consent Conversation workshop.

Alcohol and Sex
Be cautious before engaging in sexual contact or sexual intercourse when either person has been drinking alcohol or using other drugs. Alcohol or other drugs may create ambiguity as to whether Affirmative Consent has been sought or given. If you have doubt about either person’s level of intoxication, the safe thing to do is to forego all sexual activity. Being impaired by alcohol or other drugs is no defense to any violation of Code of Student Conduct.

Gender Roles
Sexual violence is not a "woman's issue."  All genders are affected by violence and abuse. It's a human issue. is a resource for men who want to help eradicate sexual assault.

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