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Spring Break Lunch Closures at Uptown Facilities

From Monday, April 3 through Friday, April 7, all uptown Campus Health services will close daily for lunch from noon to 1 p.m.

Normal hours (services available through lunch) will resume Monday, April 10.

Video Archive

Well-Being Wednesdays Season 2
  • Episode 1: Welcome to Season 2! Co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose share some exciting updates about the Counseling Center at Tulane and offer some helpful tips for managing stress as the Fall 2020 semester gets underway.
  • Episode 2: Dr. Dani Archie joins co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose to discuss LGBTQ relationships. Tune in to hear some ways LGBTQ relationships differ from hetero-normative relationships, as well as understanding red flags that can indicate any relationship may be unsafe.
  • Episode 3: Join hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose as they talk with the Counseling Center's Community Engagement team.  Learn about the new ways the Counseling Center is providing outreach and education to the Tulane community.
  • Episode 4: Co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose are joined by Sienna Abdulahad, Director of Multicultural Affairs at the Carolyn Barber Pierre Center for Intercultural Life. Tune in to learn more about the inclusive and affirming spaces created at the Center.
  • Episode 5: Co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose are joined by Dr. Marius Commodore, Medical Director for Tulane's Campus Health. Tune in to hear Dr. Commodore's thoughts about coping through COVID.
  • Episode 6: Co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose are joined by the Counseling Center's Ryan Judd, a staff therapist and the International Student Advocate. Tune in to hear about ways the Counseling Center can support international students in the Tulane community.
  • Episode 7: Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose are joined by Dr. Dani Archie, Staff Psychologist and the Gender & Sexuality Advocate at Tulane's Counseling Center. Dr. Archie offers ways to cope with political burnout, particularly for folks in our LGBTQ+ community.
  • Episode 8: Director of the Goldman Center for Student Accessibility, Patrick Randolph, joins Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose. Tune in to hear about the ways the Goldman Center supports students and promotes accessibility across our community.
  • Episode 9: Co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose of Tulane's Counseling Center are joined by a panel to discuss "Health at Every Size." Guests Carli Gertler, Registered Dietitian at Campus Health, Ryan Judd, Staff Therapist at the Counseling Center, and Dr. Jessica Chavez, Staff Psychologist at the Counseling Center offer an introduction to the Health at Every Size movement and tips for moving away from toxic diet culture.
  • Episode 10: This week's panel discusses strategies for community members who may be undocumented or DACA status. Co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose are joined by Ginette Arguello, Staff Therapist TUCC; Stephanie Choy, Staff Therapist TUCC; and Gabriel Rodriguez, Program Director at the Center for Academic Equity.
  • Episode 11: Ever wonder how therapists become therapists? Curious about what happens in therapy? Join us to learn more about the process of therapy and bust some myths. Dr. Dani Archie, Staff Psychologist, returns to chat with co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint, Staff Psychologist, and Shawna Foose, Staff Therapist, from the TU Counseling Center.
  • Episode 12: Co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose of the Tulane Counseling Center are joined by Fiona Chambers and Millicent Olawale to discuss their experiences as medical students. Tune in to hear insights into the black medical student experience and get tips for anyone in or considering medical school.
  • Episode 13: With Winter Break fast approaching and in the current COVID landscape, interpersonal relationships can be even more stressful. Join co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose for a discussion with Dr. Katherin Herzoff, Dr. Elizabeth Wilson, and Dr. Taylor Terrebonne about managing relationships during the holidays.
Well-Being Wednesdays Season 1
  • Episode 1: Mindfulness: Whether you’re  new to mindfulness, or a regular practitioner, this episode will offer some tips for meditating and how it supports overall well-being.  Host Shawna Foose is joined by Psychologist Dr. Jinaki Flint, and Therapist Ryan Judd.
  • Episode 2: Coping with Pandemic Anxiety: With the major disruptions to daily life brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all seeking ways to manage our increased stress, worry, and feelings of panic. Join Shawna Foose, LPC-S and special guest, Dr. Nicholas Oleen-Junk, to learn cognitive and behavioral strategies for thinking more rationally and acting more effectively in these difficult times.
  • Episode 3: Self-Compassion During a Pandemic: Many of us are finding ourselves full of compassion for those suffering around us from COVID-19, yet are judgmental of our own emotional and behavioral responses during this time. This week we will examine how self-compassion can improve our resiliency and motivation. Join hosts Shawna Foose, LPC-S, and Dr. Jinaki Flint as they welcome Dr. Dani Archie who will help us learn how to move from a place of self-criticism to self-compassion through mindful awareness of your emotions, recognizing your common humanity, and practicing kindness towards yourself. Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties with the recording. Download the PowerPoint instead.
  • Episode 4: Making Yourself at Home in Your Body: Responding to Trauma During The Pandemic: Living through a pandemic can feel traumatic.  For individuals who have previous traumatic experiences, this time may be even more intense and complex. Join co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose, LPC-S, as they welcome guest speaker Dr. Jessica Chavez who will offer thoughts and strategies for staying grounded in the physical body during this unprecedented time. 
  • Episode 5: Managing Social Media During a Pandemic: During this unprecedented time, we are relying on technology and social media more than ever.  However, social media can have negative impacts on our mental health as well.  Join co-hosts Dr. Jinaki Flint and Shawna Foose, LPC-S, and CAPS Psychology Extern, Kimia Kaviani, MA, as they explore strategies for managing social media and alternatives that support good mental health.  
  • ​​​​​Episode 7: Sex, Intimacy, and Mental Health: This episode will offer some tips on connecting your mental health and sex life. Health Promotion Specialists Jennifer Hunt and Chelsea Hill will join co-hosts Shawna Foose, LPC-S, and Dr. Jinaki Flint for an anonymous Q & A in regards to sex, intimacy and your mental health.
  • Episode 8: Your relationship with food and your body: Shedding the shame and shoulds: This episode features Carli Gertler, RD, LDN, CDE,a Registered Dietitian at Campus Health, in conversation with Jessica Chavez, PhD. Join us as we discuss the factors that get in the way of a positive relationship with eating, movement, and your body. We will offer practical tips and information to help attendees who are seeking self-understanding, empowerment, and healing, as well as those simply looking to learn more about the impact of diet culture. 
  • Episode 9: Healthy Self/Heal*Thy*Self and Folklorico Dancing: Host Shawna Foose, LPC-S, and Psychologist Dr. Jessica Chavez, welcome long-time Patient Representative Belinda Avila for this very special finale episode.  Belinda has nearly a decade of experience instructing folklorico dancing blending techniques from throughout Mexico and Central America.  We’ll discuss the many psychological benefits of movement, music, and dance with an opportunity to practice live.  
Surviving and Thriving
  • Episode 1: Introduction: Adjusting to life in a pandemic is hard.  Adjusting to life in a pandemic while in graduate school, medical school, or law school could be even more complex.  Join therapists Dr. Matthew Sobesky, Benjamin Ng, LPC, and Shawna Foose, LPC-S, for this 4-part series to discuss the challenges faced by graduate and professional students during this unprecedented time.  We will explore strategies and approaches to navigating in the “new normal.” 
  • Episode 2: Managing Relationships during a Pandemic: Managing intimate relationships while in graduate school can be challenging.  Navigating those relationships through a pandemic can be even more complex.  Co-hosts Dr. Matthew Sobesky, Benjamin Ng, LPC, and Shawna Foose, LPC-S, welcome special guest, Kevin Foose, LPC-S.  Mr. Foose is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling at Loyola University New Orleans, as well as a therapist in private practice.  He brings expertise in intimate relationships and family dynamics to this episode.
  • Episode 3: Positivity Fatigue: In the age of quarantine, there can be pressure to "look on the bright side" or stay positive. Join our panel: Dr. Matthew Sobesky, Benjamin Ng, LPC, and Shawna Foose, LPC-S with special guest Kevin Foose, LPC-S, as they explore how to honor and validate the full range of emotional responses—from grief and sadness, to anger and frustration, to joy and relief, and beyond--during this unprecedented time.  
  • Episode 4: Managing Burnout During a Pandemic: Feeling exhausted?  Struggling to focus? Continuing to keep up with academics, work, and personal obligations while navigating a pandemic can lead to burnout. Join panelists Dr. Matthew Sobesky, Benjamin Ng, LPC, and Shawna Foose, LPC-S, to discuss strategies for mitigating burnout and increasing well-being.